The monthly report

The montly report (january 2014)

>> Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking 12th Premium Review
SG CIB Premium Review 2013 client event brought together close to 700 investors - mainly from Europe but also from Asia and the United States - and 95 companies.

>> Disclosure of quarterly series of consumer credit activity
Following the announcement on February 13th 2013 regarding the Group’s reorganisation, a transfer of activity has taken place within the newly created International Banking and Financial Services division. The consumer credit activity (SGCF) previously included in the former Specialised Financial Services and Insurance division has been transferred to International Retail Banking activity from Q4 2013 onwards. To facilitate the reading of its financial results to be published on February 12th, 2014, and in the interest of comparability, the Group discloses SGCF’s quarterly series ranging from Q1 2011 to Q3 2013.

>> The Paris Champs-Elysées branch has been refurbished!
An emblematic location deserves an emblematic bank branch! The bank has united, in a single place, various innovations to enhance customer satisfaction. The Paris Champs-Élysées branch is thus the first Societe Generale branch to offer its customers a comprehensive sensorial experience.

>> Societe Generale signs agreement with Discover and Diners club cards for French merchants
Societe Generale and Diners Club International, Ltd., a business unit of Discover Financial Services and part of the Discover Global Network, announced a signed agreement that will bolster Discover and Diners Club card acceptance in France.

>> Societe Generale rewards 28 in-house environmental efficiency initiatives and unveils a new allocation of EUR 3.2 million for 2014
Societe Generale Group has proactively sought to reduce its CO2 emissions since 2007. In 2011, it was one of the first banks to introduce an "internal carbon tax" which is now at the heart of its strategy to reduce its carbon footprint. Each year, the Group's business lines are levied according to their respective carbon emissions (EUR 10/tCO2), and the funds collected are then used to finance in-house environmental efficiency initiatives. This innovative and ethical redistribution of resources constitutes an ideal incentive for each entity to reduce its carbon emissions.

>> Appointments within Societe Generale Group Management Comittee
Societe Generale announces appointments within its Management Committee as of 1st January 2014.